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Scaling Up Literacy and Education through Groundbreaking New Methods and Processes

Eradicating Literacy Poverty

The COVID-19 Pandemic has reversed years of gains made in both access to and quality of Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN Skills) for children and adults.
The best techniques used before the Pandemic were already insufficient to fill the literacy gap. Now, with an even more alarming situation, we will need dramatically new solutions to meet the targets of SDG4 by 2030.
India’s FLN problem is a learning crisis of global proportions which requires disruptive global solutions.



Global Dream FLN


Global Dream is a movement for universal literacy and numeracy.

With swift, effective, and low cost Toolkits in 13 Indian languages, Global Dream provides a groundbreaking 30-hour FLN, as versus 120 to 300 hours in alternative programs for adult literacy, or 3 to 5 years in schools.

Global Dream is more effective partly because it uses a disruptive methodology that takes a learner from the known to the unknown, and uses mind connections, not rote learning. Sessions are short, usually just 20 minutes long.

Already 250,000 adults and children have been made literate by the efforts of student volunteers across India. The Toolkits have formed the basis of a new webbased Global Dreamshaala platform initiated during the COVID period, which makes zero cost FLN possible, anytime, anywhere, by anyone.

Global Dream’s upside-down teaching methodology for FLN is both replicable in different languages, and scalable across geographies. It is being developed in Spanish, Swahili and other languages.

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D-Talks / Disruptive Talks

D-Talks: #Disruptive FLN Series addresses literacy poverty. D-Talks brings together change-makers from across the world to a common platform, to express their expert views and help shape a better response to the widening FLN crisis. D-Talks focus on these four ACTS: Awareness, Commitments, Targets, Sharing.


Join Hands?

We are eagerly seeking opportunities to scale up FLN with you. To partner with Global Dream, or to support its objectives, please email, WhatsApp, or call on +91 740 840 6000.


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The D-Talks will culminate in an international conference on the theme:

‘Eradicating Literacy Poverty for the Next One Billion'

The conference will bring together the best ideas for change and be a launch pad for scaling up foundational literacy and numeracy, leading to concrete commitments and actions by the various stakeholders to take the next major leap through a worldwide people's movement.





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This is the cornerstone of DEVI Sansthan which seeks to empower the underprivileged and illiterate populations of India, with special emphasis on educating the girl-child.

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