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Vision and Goals of SNS

Developing Global Understanding

  • Respect for everyone and everything
  • Learning to trust
  • Understanding of duty to self and society
  • Appreciate the rights of others
  • To establish empathy for humankind and all created things
Goal: An understanding of the world around us
  • To realize our common origins
  • To develop curiosity
  • To develop and understand the importance of maintaining a sustainable environment
  • Why the concept of world citizenship is important...
  • There is a need for an effective paradigm which is responsive to changing needs of ‘society’
  • There is an emerging process of globalisation
  • Interdependence of existence
  • The benefit to humanity and its happiness
  • Fragmentation = conflict
  • Resources

How to Develope Global Understanding

  • Participation in religious rites
  • Understanding of religious festivals and holy days
  • Involvement in role-playing and drama
  • Participate in debates that represent divergent views
  • Visits to places of worship
  • Opportunities to provide feedback to others
  • Interviewing others, especially those who have made significant accomplishment
  • Involvement in sports and games
  • Excursions and field-trips
  • Awareness about the changes taking place in their adolescent body
  • Adequate physical environment (such as classroom furniture) according to body’s needs
  • Teaching of hygiene and sanitation
  • Positive parental behavior
  • Cooperative activities, organization & etiquette
  • Clearly defined and explained ground rules at home and school
  • Controlled / monitored exposure to various media
  • Hospitality
  • Participating in talks, competitions, seminars, workshops, symposiums, elocution, quality control circles
  • Positive role models
  • Exchange programs
  • Arranging visits, picnics, educational excursions, tours
  • Exposure to real life situations and physical situations as per syllabus
  • Creative projects
  • Games and sports activities
  • Sharing experiences with others
  • Doing necessary follow up
  • Developing a self-appraisal and feedback system