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Our Project

Global Dream


In 2014, DEVI launched a highly innovative toolkit to promote literacy, the Global Dream program in collaboration with Target Plus. Global Dream has turned into a people’s movement for making India literate. The Global Dream Toolkits are used as the curriculum to teach illiterate people to read. They perform much faster than other existing primers and curriculums. An average person can begin to read within three months with a single 15 minutes teaching session per day.

Student As The Leaders Of Change

Such is the power and the ease of using the Global Dream Toolkits that even a school-going child can teach an illiterate person to read. This proposition was first tried out in May and June, 2014. Sixty-six thousand children of more than 158 schools of Lucknow, Kanpur and Barabanki participated in the “Each one reach and teach at least one campaign”. Since then the program has been repeated every summer.

Going PAN India

Global Dream is working in collaboration with Target Plus actualizing several different ways to accelerate literacy through schools, colleges, universities, corporations, NGOs and other institutions. The curriculum for literacy and numeracy has also been translated into several Indian languages with more language versions being added subsequently with time. In addition, an App for the same is being developed. Now the Global Dream project has been adopted by Rotary India’s Literacy Mission and the school-based summer assignment is now being replicated in schools across the country. The Modalities include:

  • Toolkits for 1:1 or more settings
  • Coolkits (Mini Dream Labs) for 1:10 or 1:20 settings in villages, slums, etc.
  • Community-based Dream Labs
  • Classroom instruction in government schools
  • A mobile app

Corporations can support the project by involving their own staff in teaching:

  1. (a) Illiterate people within the corporate house
  2. (b) Illiterate people in the families of the corporate staff
  3. (c) People in support roles like bus drivers etc.
  4. (d) Any illiterate person in the neighborhood
  5. (e) Adopt a nearby slum
  6. (f) Adopt a village or more,
  7. (g) Provide funds for others to undertake Global Dream including fund initiatives through DEVI Sansthan.