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SNS Implementation

Parent and Community Involvement

Role of the Parent

  • Parents should not fail to acknowledge any good deed done by the child
  • Parents should model respect for people of all religions, races, nationalities and cultures.
  • In the family, the parents should have a compatible relationship so that a peaceful environment is created in order to bring joy and happiness to the child’s life, the absence of which impedes the emotional and spiritual development of the child
  • All family members should assemble together at least once a day for saying prayers.
  • Read age-appropriate values-based literature to their child
  • Provide age-appropriate games and play material to promote curiosity and exploration (no violent or dangerous toys)
  • Talk to the child about the importance of respect for God, other people, animals and environment
  • Be affectionate with their child (touching, caressing, massage, etc.)
  • Pray with the child and teach the child prayers
  • Provide positive role models for their child
  • Maintain a loving relationship within their family (parent-parent and parent-child)
  • Maintain active, loving communication (both verbal and non-verbal) with the child
  • Gradually expose their child to a diversity of safe and stimulating environments
  • Security
  • Love
  • Cleanliness
  • Obedience
  • Trust
  • Order
  • Kindness
  • Happiness
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Caring
  • Curiosity

Role of the Mother as First Educator

  • By doing the stated things she is predisposing the child to acquiring good values.
  • While the child is in the womb, the mother’s responsibility is to create conditions that will allow for her child to develop optimally
  • Means that she should
    • have positive thoughts
    • pray & meditate
    • avoid drugs& alcohol
    • eat healthy food
    • exercise
    • talk to the child
    • listen to peaceful music
    • read good literature

Pre-Natal Care

  • As much as possible, the parents should create a home environment that is clean, hygienic, and stress-free.
  • It is important that prospective parents be offered parenthood training classes before the birth of their child so that they are well prepared to receive the child.
  • While the child will not possess universal values while in utero, he / she will be born with a predisposition to acquire these values.

Role of the Father as First Educator

The father should be supportive in every way:

    • emotionally
    • physically
    • morally
    • spiritually
    • financially