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Teach for India Partnership

Teach for India Partnership

In November 2018, DEVI Sansthan launched a partnership with Teach for India schools in Mumbai. We provided training and the Global Dream toolkits to empower several schools to teach literacy better, to both children and parents.

The 5 schools we’ve been working with so far have had varying needs and contexts, so we’ve tailored the program accordingly.

  • • In Holy Star English School, the teachers wanted training in how to teach English literacy to their students. We worked out a program with them – doing vocabulary quizzes one day of the week, grammar activities another, reading exercises on a different day and so forth.
  • • In Devna Principal Colony School, the students were surprisingly good English literacy but half the class struggled with Hindi reading, while the other half was quite fluent. We trained students to be able to teach each other: paired peer learning.
  • • In other schools, like Shankarwadi Municipal School and Mohali Village Learning Centre, the teachers felt that their students already had good literacy skills, but many of the parents in the community struggled to read and write. We helped them start adult literacy classes outside of school hours.
  • • In Shri Geeta Vidyalya, the students themselves wanted to teach their parents and relatives in their own homes. We trained them and provided them with the Global Dream kits, and many of them are teaching their own relatives.

If you work at a government or private school (whether or not affiliated with Teach for India) and would like to get involved in the Global Dream Literacy campaign in any way, please contact us.