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Vision and Goals of SNS

Vision and Goals of Sampoorn Nai Shiksha

Individual Transformation for Good

Goals of SNS

  • To help the child to know and understand what is good and lends to human nobility and what does not (a minimum is understanding of social laws of behavior: just like red light, green light in traffic systems)
  • To ensure understanding as to why we should know what is good and bad.
  • To develop responsible children who have the ability to distinguish between right from wrong
  • To allow the child to become a harmonious human being (acquisition of inner and outer perfection)
  • To create lifelong learners


  • Develop an awareness of self (in the physical and intellectual sense)
  • Develop an awareness of ones inner abilities (in the child’s spiritual reality)
  • Develop an awareness of our place in the world (human education)
  • Develop self-realization of action and consequences (wisdom to distinguish between right and wrong)
  • Create true servants of mankind (to be able to see all work as service to humanity)
  • Reflection (ability to reflect and to modify one’s behavior)

Why be good?

  • Awareness of the purpose of life
  • To understand the physical world as a reflection of the spiritual world
  • Appreciation and acceptance of beauty/creation
  • To appreciate the joy of being