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SNS Structure of Program

List of Resources

For the Classroom/School (pending budget constraints)

  • A physical globe
  • A wall size map of the world
  • A wall size map of India
  • Chalk board and chalk (monthly supply or budget to buy)
  • A small school library to which students can donate over time
  • Mats or Dhurries to sit on
  • A plot for planting plants and seeds/saplings for planting tress such as Neem, Sehjan, Nimbu, Oranges etc… (preferably in the classroom vicinity)
  • A first-aid kit and a primary health care kit with instructions on such things as diarrhea, dehydration, etc. to address local problems
  • Colorful charts of positive role models/heroes, charts of plants/animals/alphabet etc.
  • Water bucket and jug for drinking water (other better options where feasible)
  • Flag of India
  • Flag of the United Nations
  • Bulletin board and pins
  • Clock
  • A little area/table to set up a living museum of projects by the students
  • Plans for providing meals during school hours, e.g. through UNICEF
  • Video machine and educational videos
  • Computer with accessories and educational CDs and access to the Internet
  • Toys and games

For the Student

  • Uniform (Simple and locally possible according to conditions)
  • School bag
  • Stationary (paper, pens)
  • Handbooks (combination of lesson plans and practice sheets for self-study)
  • Books as possible or set up a local/ classroom library
  • Slate and chalk