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saksharta se swachhta

saksharta se swachhta

In August 2018, DEVI Sansthan launched a collaboration with the National Service Scheme of Lucknow University. We have been motivating and training college students to select a nearby slum area and teach illiterate children and adults using the Global Dream materials.

As of February 2019, over 1100 students have taken the training, and 700 Global Dream kits have been distributed. 15 colleges have been involved, including Chandra Bhanu, Mahaveer Prasad, Christian Degree College, Christian Training College, Isabella Thoburn, KKC – and many more.

The program aims to spread basic literacy in Lucknow’s slums and surrounding rural areas, and hopes that an increase in literacy will also lead to an improvement in hygiene. Not only have slum-dwellers benefited from and appreciated the opportunity to learn to read and write, the college students too have enjoyed the opportunity for meaningful community service. The field work of teaching has proved highly relevant to the degrees of B.Ed, BTC and Social Work students – but BA, B.Com and B.Sc students have also developed time management, teamwork and self-confidence which will prove valuable in their future studies and careers.

If you are a student or faculty member at a college in Lucknow, please contact us to explore how your institute can be involved. In coming months, we are looking to expand this project in other cities and states – if you study or work outside Lucknow, and would like to start something similar in your area, please contact us.